PLT MzLib: Libraries Manual Dates

See also section 15.1 in PLT MzScheme: Language Manual.

(date->string date [time?])      PROCEDURE

Converts a date structure value (such as returned by MzScheme's seconds->date) to a string. The returned string contains the time of day only if time? is a true value; the default is #f. See also date-display-format.

(date-display-format [format-symbol])      PROCEDURE

Parameter that determines the date display format, one of 'american, 'chinese, 'german, 'indian, 'irish, 'iso-8601, or 'julian. The initial format is 'american.

(find-seconds second minute hour day month year)      PROCEDURE

Finds the representation of a date in platform-specific seconds. The arguments correspond to the fields of the date structure. If the platform cannot represent the specified date, an error is signaled, otherwise an integer is returned.

(date->julian/scalinger date)      PROCEDURE

Converts a date structure (up to 2099 BCE Gregorian) into a Julian date number. The returned value is not a strict Julian number, but rather Scalinger's version, which is off by one for easier calculations.

(julian/scalinger->string date)      PROCEDURE

Converts a Julian number (Scalinger's off-by-one version) into a string.