PLT mzc: MzScheme Compiler Manual

PLT mzc: MzScheme Compiler Manual

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Version 203
December 2002

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    1  About mzc
        1.1  mzc Is...
            1.1.1  Byte-Code Compilation
            1.1.2  Native-Code Compilation
        1.2  mzc Is Not...
        1.3  Running mzc
        1.4  Native Code Optimization from mzc

    2  Foreign-Function Interface to C

    3  Compiling Individual Files with mzc
        3.1  Compiling with Modules
        3.2  Compilation without Modules
        3.3  Autodetecting Compiled Files for Loading
        3.4  Compiling Multiple Files to a Single Native-Code Library

    4  Compiling Collections with mzc

    5  Building a Stand-alone Executable
        5.1  Stand-Alone Executables from Scheme Code
        5.2  Stand-Alone Executables from Native Code

    6  Creating Distribution Archives

    7 File Format


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