Table of Contents
GNOME UI Library (libgnomeui)
Initialization and session management
gnome-ui-init -- Parameters (and deprecated functions) for initializing libgnomeui applications.
GnomeClient -- Interactions with the session manager.
Application management
GnomeApp -- The main application widget.
GnomeAppBar -- An application status and progress bar widget
gnome-app-helper -- Useful functions for populating menus and toolbars.
gnome-window -- Convenience functions for setting window attributes.
GnomeAbout -- Display author, documenter and translator credits for an application.
gnome-popup-menu -- Create and display popup and context menus.
GnomeDruid -- Widget for sequentially stepping through some pages.
GnomeDruidPage -- A widget representing a single page inside a druid.
GnomeDruidPageEdge -- A widget used to implement first and last pages in a druid's sequence.
GnomeDruidPageStandard -- A widget used to implement the middle pages in a druid's sequence.
GnomeColorPicker -- 
GnomeDateEdit -- 
gnome-dialog-util -- 
GnomeEntry -- 
GnomeFileEntry -- 
GnomeFontPicker -- 
GnomeHRef -- 
GnomeIconEntry -- 
GnomeIconList -- 
GnomeIconLookup -- 
GnomeIconTheme -- 
GnomeIconSelection -- 
GnomeThemeFile -- 
GnomeThumbnail -- 
GnomePixmap -- 
GnomePixmapEntry -- 
GnomeScores -- 
Miscellaneous utility functions and macros
gnome-stock-icons -- Stock icons used across GNOME applications.
gnometypebuiltins -- 
gnome-types -- 
gnome-uidefs -- Standard defines used throughout libgnomeui.
gnome-vfs-util -- 
Deprecated modules
gnome-app-util -- 
GnomeMDI -- 
GnomeMDIChild -- 
GnomeMDIGenericChild -- 
gnome-mdi-session -- 
GnomeDialog -- Create generic dialog boxes.
GnomeMessageBox -- Create standard message boxes.
GnomePropertyBox -- Create a tabbed dialog for setting properties and preferences.
Object Hierarchy