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Data bound widgets

Table of Contents
GnomeDbBrowser -- Database browser widget
GnomeDbCombo -- 
GnomeDbConnectionProperties -- 
GnomeDbConnectionSelector -- Connection selector widget
GnomeDbDataSourceSelector -- 
GnomeDbDsnConfigDruid -- 
GnomeDbDsnConfig -- 
GnomeDbEditor -- 
GnomeDbErrorDialog -- Error dialog widget
GnomeDbError -- Error display widget
gnome-db-form -- 
GnomeDbGrid -- Database grid widget
GnomeDbIconList -- 
GnomeDbList -- Data-bound list widget
GnomeDbLoginDialog -- Login dialog widget
GnomeDbLogin -- Login widget
GnomeDbProviderSelector -- 
GnomeDbTableEditor -- 
GnomeDbReportEditor -- 

The main feature provided by libgnomedb is a rich set of data bound widgets, ranging from the simplest ones, such as entry widgets or labels, to the most full-featured ones you can imagine.