Table of Contents
GNOME Library (libgnome)
Initializing applications and starting programs
gnome-program -- Initialize and retrieve information about a GNOME application.
gnome-init -- Functions used during initialisation of libgnome and other platform libraries.
gnome-exec -- Execution of programs from within GNOME applications.
gnome-gconf -- Provides access to the gconf module.
gnome-config -- Access to configuration files.
gnome-i18n -- Support for localization and internationalization.
Displaying help and external info
gnome-help -- Display application and GNOME system help.
gnome-url -- Display urls using appropriate viewers.
gnome-score -- Tracking best scores for games
gnome-util -- Miscellaneous utility functions.
gnome-sound -- Sound playing routines.
gnome-triggers -- Hierarchical signal mechanism for GNOME events.
Lower level interactions
libgnometypebuiltins -- Some type macros defined by libgnome.