for GIMP 2.0.4

Table of Contents

I. GIMP Base Library
gimpbasetypes -
gimpversion - Macros and constants useful for determining GIMP's version number and capabilities.
gimplimits - Boundaries of some GIMP data types and some global constants.
gimpdatafiles -
gimpenv - Functions to access the GIMP environment.
gimpparasite - Arbitrary pieces of data which can be attached to various GIMP objects.
gimpparasiteio - Utility functions to (de)serialize certain C structures to/from GimpParasite's.
gimpsignal - Portable signal handling.
gimpunit - Provides a collection of predefined units and functions for creating user-defined units.
gimputils - Utilities of general interest
gimpprotocol - The communication protocol between GIMP and it's plug-ins.
gimpwire - The lowlevel I/O protocol used for communication between GIMP and it's plug-ins.