HP OfficeJet Linux driver (hpoj) documentation index

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This software provides Linux and partial FreeBSD support for most "multi-function" (also known as "all-in-one") peripherals from Hewlett-Packard, including OfficeJet, LaserJet, Printer/Scanner/Copier ("PSC"), and PhotoSmart printer products. It consists of: The hpoj Supported Devices page has the most up-to-date list of models and functionality that are supported by the hpoj software.

Installation and setup

Follow these steps to install the hpoj software initially, or to set up new devices later:
  1. Compiling and installing the software
  2. Setting up basic device connectivity
  3. Setting up printing
  4. Setting up scanning
  5. Setting up photo-card access
Please also register your HP product(s) if you haven't already done so.

Additional support resources

In addition to this documentation provided with the hpoj software, the following support resources are provided for your convenience:

World-wide web

Mailing lists

Visit the Mailing lists page to subscribe/unsubscribe and/or to browse the message archives.

Direct e-mail

For hpoj support and feedback, please write and reply to the hpoj-devel mailing list described above, not to individual developers.

High-level command reference

These commands access specific high-level functions of the device and are probably of interest to most users:

Low-level command reference

These commands exercise basic low-level connectivity to the device. They are useful for testing the communications path when first setting up a device and for debugging problems, but otherwise, they are probably of interest mainly to advanced users and developers.

Library reference

Administration and daemon command reference

Technical information

The following information is intended for developers of applications using the hpoj software's services, and for those desiring a deeper understanding of the hpoj software and/or of the underlying device protocols.