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Hat status

The latest stable release is 2.00. The CVS development tree is now at version 2.01. Bugfixes and important changes to the system are described here for the two most recent released versions.

Hat 2.00 (2002-06-1x) features

  • The first version released separately from nhc98. It uses a different file format to store the trace, and the browsing tools have been completely rewritten to improve performance, integration, and correctness.

Status of various components

The basic components of hat are:

  • hat-trans, the program transformer.
  • hat-lib, the runtime library that is linked to a transformed program.
  • hat-observe, a browser driven by expression patterns.
  • hat-trail, a browser driven by backward exploration.
  • hat-detect, a browser implementing algorithmic debugging. (NOT INCLUDED)
  • hat-stack, a browser showing a back-trace from an error.
  • hat-view, a source-code viewer.
  • hat-check, to verify the integrity of a .hat file.

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