The K Desktop Environment
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1. Useful general information

  • QextMDI can be downloaded as compressed source package at
  • QextMDI is under LGPL licence. See LICENSE.LGPL.html.
  • FAQ.txt contains answers to typical problems you may have.
  • TODO lets you have a look what can come in further versions.
  • QextMDI is tested on SuSE Linux 7.1 and MSWindows 98, NT 4.0 and 2000. It runs at least with Qt-2.2.4. Previous versions should work but they are not tested.
  • You can compile QextMDI as Qt-only library and as KDE2-based library.
  • QextMDI is also used in KDevelop-2.0, the famous C++-IDE for Linux.
  • QextMDI is an alternative to QWorkspace which firstly appears in Qt-2.1 .
  • This handbook provides a first overview over the library, its purpose and the meaning of the library classes.
  • There's also a class interface documentation for the QextMDI classes. See the QextMDI's doc/classref directory.
  • Don't forget to set these environment variables: QEXTMDIDIR, KDE2DIR (if you want to use it in KDE2 mode), QTVER (if you want to use it on Win32)
  • There are also 2 example applications. FourChildren shows how to use QextMDI as child widget of a master mainframe window. MDIFrameWork shows how to use QextMDI as mainframe window and what to do for adding MDI views. Note that MDIFrameWork allows to switch between Childframe mode and Toplevel mode.
  • File AUTHORS tells about the programmers of QextMDI.
  • File changes-2.0.0 tells about what happened the last versions.
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