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The General/Gnu Template Generation Tools

version <#1.3.2#>

Do you mean that the development of applications with GNU
autoconf / automake doesn't seem to be as easy as possible?
Do you want to have a full elaborated automatically generated
example being already as most as possible prepared for your goals?
OK, here is
gitty-gitty !!!
© 2000,2001,2002 karsten reincke. gtgt is published under the GNU General Public License
gitty-gitty ...

the (general | GNU) template generation tools, are a set of scripts for creating a whole set of sources which may already be compiled and installed using the GNU development tools. Think of gtgt as a program which ...

is able to generate an already compilable ...

very sophisticated "hello world" program, written in C or C++ and constituted by a main program, two internal modules (classes), one static and one shared library and one shellscript. All these sources exept the shellscript contain a full set of possible doxygen-comments. And this complex documented "Hello World" is already ...

fully embedded into GNU autoconf/automake, ...

the GNU development environment. By using gitty-gitty, you will get a ...

template of sources

for the main cases you might meet, and which you can also use as (teaching) examples for c/c++, doxygen, automake, autoconf, etc.

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