for GLib 2.3.0

Table of Contents

GLib Overview
GLib Fundamentals
GLib Core Application Support
GLib Utilities
GLib Data Types
GLib Tools

List of Figures

1. States of a Main Context

List of Examples

1. Checking the version of the GLib library
1. A function which will not work in a threaded environment
2. The wrong way to write a thread-safe function
3. A correct thread-safe function
4. Using GStaticMutex to simplify thread-safe programming
5. Using the G_LOCK_* convenience macros
6. An array with access functions
7. Using GCond to block a thread until a condition is satisfied
8. Using GPrivate for per-thread data
9. Using GStaticPrivate for per-thread data
10. Adding a log handler for all warning messages in the default (application) domain
11. Adding a log handler for all critical messages from GTK+
12. Adding a log handler for all messages from GLib
1. Using a GMemChunk
2. Using a GMemChunk with data structures
3. Using a GArray to store gint values
4. Getting a pointer to an element in a GArray
5. Using a GPtrArray
6. Using a GByteArray