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GConf is a system for storing configuration information, that is, key-value pairs. GConf provides a notification service so applications can be notified when a key's value is changed. GConf also allows for pluggable storage mechanisms (text files, databases, etc.); allows administrators to install default values; and allows application authors to document their configuration keys for the benefit of administrators.

Table of Contents

Introduction to GConf
Terms and Concepts
GConf Data Types
Configuration Sources
C Language Client Library
Error Handling
The GConfEngine object
The GConfValue Datatype
Accessing GConfValue
Creating/destroying a GConfValue
Reading/Writing Configuration Values
GConfClient higher-level API
A Complete Example
GConf Conventions
Namespace division
gconftool Utility Program
Schema Files
Schema File Format
Installing Schemas
Schema File DTD
GConf Reference Documentation
GObject Wrapper Reference (GConfClient)
GConf Internal Reference