Xerces 3.1.1 API: Package org.apache.xerces.framework
Xerces 3.1.1

Package org.apache.xerces.framework

Interface Summary
XMLContentSpec.Provider Provides a means for walking the structure built out of content spec "nodes".
XMLDocumentHandler XMLValidator defines the interface that XMLDocumentScanner and XML EntityHandler have with an object that serves as a pluggable validator.
XMLDocumentScanner.EventHandler This interface must be implemented by the users of the XMLDocumentScanner class.
XMLDTDScanner.EventHandler This interface must be implemented by the users of the XMLDTDScanner class.
XMLErrorReporter Error handling

Class Summary
Version This class defines the version number of the parser.
XMLAttrList An instance of this class is used to represent the set of attributes for an element that are either directly specified or provided through a default value in the grammar for the document.
XMLContentSpec ContentSpec really exists to aid the parser classes in implementing access to the grammar.
XMLDocumentScanner This class recognizes most of the grammer for an XML processor.
XMLDTDScanner Default implementation of an XML DTD scanner.
XMLParser This is the base class of all standard parsers.

Xerces 3.1.1