class Flv_Table

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The Flv_Table widget displays items in a table or grid. The items can be of any complexity. Below are some examples of tables:

The second table uses both style information and dynamic information to generate the table. The Flv_Table widget has the following features:


  • Flv_Table
  • draw
  • *draw_cell
  • col_width
  • handle
  • draw_row
  • add_selection_style
  • cell_selected
  • col_footer
  • col_header
  • col_divider
  • select_row
  • get_style
  • col
  • col_resizable
  • cols
  • col_selected
  • get_col
  • select_start_col
  • Flv_Style_List col_style
  • Flv_Table( int X, int Y, int W, int H, const char *l=0 )

    void draw()

    virtual void draw_cell( int Offset, int X, int Y, int W, int H, int R, int C )

    virtual int col_width(int c)
    virtual int col_width(int n, int c)

    int handle(int event)

    virtual void draw_row( int Offset, int X, int Y, int W, int H, int R )

    void add_selection_style( Flv_Style &s, int R, int C=0 )

    bool cell_selected(int R, int C)

    bool col_footer(void)

    bool col_header(void)

    bool col_divider(void)

    bool select_row(void)

    virtual void get_style( Flv_Style &s, int R, int C=0 )

    int col(void)
    int col( int n )

    bool col_resizable(int c)
    bool col_resizable( bool n, int c)

    int cols(void)
    int cols( int n )

    bool col_selected(int n)

    int get_col( int x, int y )

    int select_start_col(void)
    int select_start_col(int n)

    Flv_Style_List col_style