Web Links

Web Links let you have a complete web directory with categories and subcategories, like Yahoo. This comes with its own search engine, separated from the content of the site. There is one draw-back currently. Categories can only go two levels deep. This is being worked on for a future release.

Add a Main Category: First of all you need to create a main category. The main categories will be alphabeticaly sorted on the Web Links main page and arranged in a 2 column table. Main categories can have as many sub-categories as you want.

Add a SUB-Category: Write the subcategory name and then select in what category you want it.

Add a New Link: Not too much to say here just fill the requested information for your new link like page title, page URL, category, description, name and email of the contact person.

Modify a Category: Select the category you want to modify, make changes and save it.

Modify a Link: There are two ways to modify a link. One is in the administration form, writing the link id in the modify link section. The other option, is little and not visible. We are talking about the icon at the left side of each link. By clicking on that icon you will be redirected to the Link Modify page.

Links waiting for validation: If a visitor sends you a new link, you will see a new box in the web links admin section. You can make any pertinent changes, visit (validate) the link and then approve and publish in the search engine. You can also delete the new link submission if you don't want to publish it. If you approve and publish the new link and the field Email is filled, that address will receive an email notifying the adition.