Slides Parameter Reference

Norman Walsh

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This is reference documentation for all user-configurable parameters in the DocBook XSL Slides stylesheet (for generating slide presentations). Note that the Slides stylesheet for HTML output is a customization layer of the DocBook XSL HTML stylesheet, while the Slides stylesheet for FO output is a customization layer of the DocBook XSL FO stylesheet. Therefore, in addition to the slides-specific parameters listed in this section, you can also use a number of HTML stylesheet parameters and FO stylesheet parameters to control Slides output.

Table of Contents

I. FO: General Params — Specifies font family to use for slide titles — Specifies font family to use for slide bodies
foil.title.master — Specifies unitless font size to use for foil titles
foil.title.size — Specifies font size to use for foil titles, including units
II. FO: Property Sets — Specifies properties for all slides — Specifies properties for all foilgroups — Specifies properties for all foil subtitles — Specifies properties for all foils — Specifies properties for all speakernotes — Specifies properties for all speakernotes — Specifies properties for running foot on each slide
III. HTML: General Parameters
keyboard.nav — Enable keyboard navigation?
css.stylesheet — CSS stylesheet for slides
css.stylesheet.dir — Default directory for CSS stylesheets
titlefoil.html — Name of title foil HTML file
toc.html — Name of ToC HTML file
foilgroup.toc — Put ToC on foilgroup pages?
output.indent — Indent output?
overlay — Overlay footer navigation?
show.foil.number — Show foil number on each foil?
IV. HTML: Frame Parameters
nav.separator — Output separator between navigation and body?
toc.row.height — Height of ToC rows in dynamic ToCs — Background color for ToC frame — Background color for body frame
toc.width — Width of ToC frame — Enable hide/show button for ToC frame
dynamic.toc — Dynamic ToCs?
active.toc — Active ToCs?
overlay.logo — Logo to overlay on ToC frame
multiframe — Use multiple frames for slide bodies? — Background color for top navigation frame
multiframe.bottom.bgcolor — Background color for bottom navigation frame
multiframe.navigation.height — Height of navigation frames
V. HTML: Graphics Parameters
graphics.dir — Graphics directory
bullet.image — Bullet image
next.image — Right-arrow image
prev.image — Left-arrow image
up.image — Up-arrow image
home.image — Home image
toc.image — ToC image — Inactive right-arrow image
no.prev.image — Inactive left-arrow image
no.up.image — Inactive up-arrow image
no.home.image — Inactive home image
no.toc.image — Inactive ToC image
plus.image — Plus image
minus.image — Minus image
hidetoc.image — Hide ToC image
showtoc.image — Show ToC image
VI. HTML: JavaScript Parameters
script.dir — Script directory
ua.js — UA JavaScript file
xbDOM.js — xbDOM JavaScript file
xbStyle.js — xbStyle JavaScript file
xbLibrary.js — xbLibrary JavaScript file
xbCollapsibleLists.js — xbCollapsibleLists JavaScript file
overlay.js — Overlay JavaScript file
slides.js — Slides overlay file
VII. HTML: Localization Parameters
text.home — Home
text.toc — FIXME:
text.prev — FIXME:
text.up — FIXME: — FIXME:
A. The Stylesheet