profile.role — Target profile for role attribute


<xsl:param name="profile.role" select="''"></xsl:param>


Value of this parameter specifies profiles which should be included in the output. You can specify multiple profiles by separating them by semicolon. You can change separator character by profile.separator parameter.

This parameter has effect only when you are using profiling stylesheets (profile-docbook.xsl, profile-chunk.xsl, …) instead of normal ones (docbook.xsl, chunk.xsl, …).


Note that role is often used for other purposes than profiling. For example it is commonly used to get emphasize in bold font:

<emphasis role="bold">very important</emphasis>

If you are using role for these purposes do not forget to add values like bold to value of this parameter. If you forgot you will get document with small pieces missing which are very hard to track.

For this reason it is not recommended to use role attribute for profiling. You should rather use profiling specific attributes like userlevel, os, arch, condition, etc.