insert.olink.pdf.frag — Add fragment identifiers for links into PDF files


<xsl:param name="insert.olink.pdf.frag" select="0"></xsl:param>


The value of this parameter determines whether the cross reference URIs to PDF documents made with olink will include fragment identifiers.

When forming a URI to link to a PDF document, a fragment identifier (typically a '#' followed by an id value) appended to the PDF filename can be used by the PDF viewer to open the PDF file to a location within the document instead of the first page. However, not all PDF files have id values embedded in them, and not all PDF viewers can handle fragment identifiers.

If insert.olink.pdf.frag is set to a non-zero value, then any olink targeting a PDF file will have the fragment identifier appended to the URI. The URI is formed by concatenating the value of the olink.base.uri parameter, the value of the baseuri attribute from the document element in the olink database with the matching targetdoc value, and the value of the href attribute for the targeted element in the olink database. The href attribute contains the fragment identifier.

If insert.olink.pdf.frag is set to zero (the default value), then the href attribute from the olink database is not appended to PDF olinks, so the fragment identifier is left off. A PDF olink is any olink for which the baseuri attribute from the matching document element in the olink database ends with '.pdf'. Any other olinks will still have the fragment identifier added.