Installing and Configuring the Cyrus IMAP Server

The Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) is an Internet standards-track protocol for accessing messages (mail, news, etc). The IMAP server stores and provides access to messages.

The file doc/questions.html contains a list of questions we'd like to answer but haven't gotten to yet; doc/faq.html contains some answers that we have thought of. Please feel free to contribute!

Please refer to Sending Feedback if you would like to submit a bug, feature request or patch.

For detailed changes, refer to the file doc/changes in the distribution.


Other interesting stuff

Here's some software that you may want to run with Cyrus. This software isn't maintained or supported by CMU, so please ask the maintainers for support.

  • Websieve, a web-based front-end for Sieve script management with Cyrus.
  • Sendmail, the most popular MTA around.
  • Postfix, a popular competitor MTA.

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