Class ParserController


public class ParserController
extends java.lang.Object

Controller for the parsing of a JSP page.

A translation unit (JSP source file and any files included via the include directive) may involve the processing of JSP pages written with different syntaxes (currently the original JSP syntax, as well as the XML syntax (as of JSP 1.2)). This class encapsulates the behavior related to the selection and invocation of the proper parser. Note: There's some 'commented out' code that would allow the dynamic generation of a DTD so we could use a validating parser. Should be working, but would like to investigate XML schema before using validating parser.

Pierre Delisle

Constructor Summary
ParserController(JspCompilationContext ctxt)
Method Summary
 ParseEventListener getParseEventListener()
 void parse(java.lang.String inFileName)
          Parse the jsp page provided as an argument.
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Constructor Detail


public ParserController(JspCompilationContext ctxt)
Method Detail


public ParseEventListener getParseEventListener()


public void parse(java.lang.String inFileName)
Parse the jsp page provided as an argument. First invoked by the compiler, then invoked recursively by the parser event handler for each 'include' directive.

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