JanosVM v0.6.0 Java API Documentation: Package edu.utah.janosvm.kit.comm.commspace
JanosVM v0.6.0 Java API

Package edu.utah.janosvm.kit.comm.commspace

A tuple space communication mechanism for the JanosVM.


Interface Summary
CommSpaceable Allows an arbitrary object to be capable of being placed in a CommSpaceElement by providing the necessary copy mechanism.

Class Summary
CommHashtableHandle A handle for a CommHashtable that may be in another Flow.
CommQueuePuller A handle for the owner of the CommQueue to pull elements out of it.
CommQueuePusher A handle for other flows to push elements onto a CommQueue.
CommSpaceElement Element in the CommSpace for communication.
CommSpaceHandle A handle on a CommSpace.

Package edu.utah.janosvm.kit.comm.commspace Description

A tuple space communication mechanism for the JanosVM.

JanosVM v0.6.0 Java API

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