AWStats logfile analyzer 5.3 Documentation


Other tools

This is a list of other tools provided with AWStats.
All those tools are available in tools directory of AWStats distribution.

This script creates one config file for each web servers provided by Apache.
After running this tool, AWStats can immediatly be used.

This tool is not yet available...

awstats_updateall launches update process for all AWStats config files found in
a particular directory, so you can easily setup a cron/scheduler job.
This directory is by default /etc/opt/awstats.

Usage: now [options]

Where options are:

awstats_buildstaticpages allows you to launch AWStats with -staticlinks option
to build all possible pages allowed by AWStats -output option.

Usage: (awstats_options) [awstatsbuildstaticpages_options]

where awstats_options are any option known by AWStats
-config=configvalue is value for -config parameter (REQUIRED)
-update option used to update statistics before to generate pages
-lang=LL to output a HTML report in language LL (en,de,es,fr,...)
-month=MM to output a HTML report for an old month=MM
-year=YYYY to output a HTML report for an old year=YYYY

and awstatsbuildstaticpages_options can be
-awstatsprog=pathtoawstatspl gives AWStats software ( path
-dir=outputdir to set output directory for generated pages
-date used to add build date in built pages file name

New versions and FAQ at

logresolvemerge allows you to merge several log files into one output,
sorted on date. It also makes a fast reverse DNS lookup to replace
all IP addresses into host names in resulting log file.
logresolvemerge comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. It's a free software
distributed with a GNU General Public License (See COPYING.txt file).
logresolvemerge is part of AWStats but can be used alone as a log merger
or resolver before using any other log analyzer.

Usage: [options] file [options] file1 ... filen [options] *.*
-dnslookup make a reverse DNS lookup on IP adresses (not done by default)
-showsteps to add benchmark informations every 5000 lines processed

This runs logresolvemerge in command line to open one or several web
server log files to merge them (sorted on date) and/or to make a reverse
DNS lookup. The result log file is sent on standard output.
Note: logresolvemerge is not a 'sort' tool to sort one file. It's a
software able to output sorted log records (with a reverse DNS lookup
made if wanted) even if log records are shaked in several files.
However each of thoose files must be already independently sorted itself
(but that is the case in all web server log files).
logresolvemerge is particularly usefull when you want to merge large log
files in a fast process and with a low use of memory getting records in a
chronological order from a pipe (for use by a log analyzer).

Now supports/detects:
Automatic detection of log format
No need of extra Perl library
New versions and FAQ at