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Objects of the base.RecordTypeAsn1Object class

Instances of base.RecordTypeAsn1Object class implement the mapping object protocol by means of the following methods:


Returns a reference to embedded component (class instance) by key (type name).

__setitem__(key, value)

Assigns a reference to embedded component (class instance) by key (type name).


Returns a list of known keys (types names).


Returns true if key (type name) is present in this object.


Returns a list of references to embedded components (class instances).


Returns a list of tuples each of which represents a key-value pair (type-name, embedded-component).


Merges the items dictionary with the payload of this object.


Returns the number of embedded components in this object.


Called on object comparation of this ASN.1 object with the other, which should be an instance of RecordTypeAsn1Object class.


Returns object hash value, which is actually a XOR'ed set of hash values of embedded objects and keys.


Returns a printable representation of ASN.1 object structure.

Instances of RecordTypeAsn1Object class make use of the following public instance variable:


These instance variables should be initialized to type names and corresponding class references of embedded components to specify the structure of particular structured ASN.1 object implementation.