The Random Effects Utility

What it is

The random_effect program is really a gross hack. It was inspired by an idea donated by Thilo Wunderlich <> who asked for such a feature. The program takes 1 commandline argument - a file name.

Format of random_effect config file

Line #1 = commandline to run xbanner (absolute path)

The rest of the lines are simply pathnames of XBanner resource files.

After reading the file, the program will select an effect file by random, and execute the needed things.


If you need to put a "-display" to xbanner, then your first line in the random-effect database file will look like:

   /usr/local/bin/X11/xbanner -display ggf:0

Again, thanks to Thilo Wunderlich <> for pushing me in this direction. This is a neat addition to XBanner.

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