This is a collection of some useful information and documentation in relation to Spreadsheet::WriteExcel.

The main Spreadsheet::WriteExcel documentation.

Some screenshots of the output from the example programs.

Examples of numerical formats for use with the set_num_format() method:

The Spreadsheet::WriteExcel colour palette.

A comparison of the Excel 5 and Excel 97+ colour palettes.

An article about Spreadsheet::WriteExcel appeared in The Perl Journal, Fall 2000. It is reprinted here by kind permission of Jon Orwant and The Perl Journal.

Peter Dintelmann and Christian Kirsch wrote an article entitled Excel-Dateien mit Perl erstellen - Controller im Glück for theGerman Unix/web journal iX.

The Spreadsheet::WriteExcel documentation has been kindly translated to Japanese by Takanori Kawai, the author of the Spreadsheet::ParseExcel and OLE::Storage_Lite modules.

Installation instructions.