Using the File Selector

The file selector has four main parts:

The File Area

Filenames can be entered in the text box or selected from the list below it. Pressing Enter or Return has the same effect as clicking the OK button (see below). Pressing Esc has the same effect as clicking the Cancel button.

The Directory Area

Like in the file area, directories can be selected from a list. Above the list is a menu which can be used to quickly go to ancestor directories.

The Format Menu

The format menu allows you to choose which files are shown in the list. Each entry represents one of the formats the application can handle. In addition, there should always be a menu entry to display all files.

The Button Area

There are four buttons which are always there: There may also be buttons which are shortcuts to frequently used directories, such as your home directory.
Ulric Eriksson - July 1998 -