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Australian audio analysis tools

Applications of Maaate



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CaTe: A Caption Template calculation program

In a joint project with the Australian Captioning Center, we explore the use of MPEG video and audio analysis software to support captioners (caption = subtitles for the deaf). To that end, we use MPEG Maaate, the Mediaware Systems video analysis library and some additional heuristic rules to create a segmentation of the audio track that resembles closely to the blocks that captioners produce for filling in the text. We thus create blank caption files (EBU file format) which can be uploaded into any existing captioning software to enter the caption text itself.

Sports Highlights extraction program

CSIRO digital media information systems researchers have used MPEG Maaate functionality in the development of a system to extract sports highlights from sports footage. The system uses both audio and video features of footage to determine segments containing a highlight such as scoring a goal or an attack. It uses crowd cheers detected via segmentation of noisy regions plus camera operations such as pan and zoom to determine the highlights with every sport having a different set of heuristic rules that determine a highlight.

More application ideas:
  • Automatic segmentation of large sound recordings e.g. story segmentation of news
  • Sound search engine based on specific similarities to a given sample file
  • Automatic classification of large sound file collections into specific classes e.g. different animals
  • Browsing large sound file collections based on similarities or sound models
  • Support for sound editing tools e.g. for filtering out crazy noises

Here's a radio interview of Silvia about the use of audio analysis technology for online music searching:


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